Who We Are

Homebuilding Refined


GLH builds homes that care – not just houses that shelter. 

Today, technology pervades all spheres of life. There’s an app for ‘that’ – and for pretty much every other human endeavor. While innovation has indeed delivered untold marvels, it also tends to entrap users.

Though developers try hard to personalize apps and gadgets, they fail to transcend their robotic state and move into the human realm. The GLH Experience adds the human link that was missing.

What if – the question that motivates all disruptors – tech could truly free us by taking a backseat while empowering the user without any prompting. Alexa is helpful but – bless her – not terribly smart.

So, what if the next-gen intelligent home has the brains and the ability to learn from its occupants and sustain their comfort, health, and wellbeing by efficiently and quietly delivering tailored care?

After years of tinkering – aka research – that vision has now been realized and incorporated into GLH residences: houses that take to your personality and become homes that irradiate warmth and offer supreme comfort.

Intelligence Applied

Beyond Smart

The next-generation intelligent home is built around a non-intrusive ensemble of integrated systems, managed by artificial intelligence and powered by machine learning. This ensures that your home fits your lifestyle – and grows with you – continuously adjusting its responses to optimize performance and shape an individualized atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Hefty manuals and clunky keypads have been replaced by a single intuitive app that connects you to your intelligent home. Designed to fade into the background, the home technology developed by GLH is streamlined, discrete, and efficient. Absent a learning curve, the intelligent home enables its inhabitants to go about their lives whilst it perfects the domestic environment to suit any activity from working out to lounging, dining, entertaining, sleeping, waking up, and anything in between. Your house, your life, your environment.

Next-Gen Upset


GLH works in close partnership with Tesla to develop and build homes that match the design philosophy of the car that upended the global automotive industry. In fact, your home and your car are on speaking terms and will swap data, demands, and instructions to anticipate your needs as you hit the road or return home.

Growth Luxury Homes of Las Vegas has fused strands of disparate technologies into a coherent and comprehensive intelligent system that has been recognized as a major breakthrough in home automation.

Instead of multiple ‘smart’ home systems, each limited to providing a single or at most a few comforts, the GLH intelligent home features a tightly integrated turnkey ensemble that not only unifies the home automation universe but adds a crucial high-tech layer to breathe ‘life’ into the system by leveraging the power of machine learning. This effectively eliminates the need to program the system. Instead, the intelligent home picks up on the lifestyle of its inhabitants and adjusts its performance accordingly.

Style and Substance


A house filled with gadgets more likely than not leads to untold frustration as devices refuse to communicate or do so only in the most rudimentary of manners. While ergonomics – the art of designing intuitive products and systems – has improved greatly, its progress has been outpaced by technological innovation. Bridging the divide requires tech to advance from smart to intelligent, minimizing or even eliminating user input by designing a system that learns from experience.

GLH believes that innovation is only as good as its human dimension. Technology should not command attention. Rather, it should do it job unobtrusively. Though the plug-and-play concept represents a great idea, its real-life implementation has been iffy at best.

GLH is convinced that matching technology with sustainability delivers results that are tangible such as a drastic reduction of the environmental footprint, a healthy indoor environment, and an all-round decrease in stress.

Instead of tackling one issue at the time, GLH has taken a holistic approach. By considering the whole picture, rather than snapshots, a suite of innovative solutions has been designed that reinforce each other and maximize synergies. A paradigm shift occurs when optimizing efficiency no longer includes compromises, shortcuts, or false savings. True innovation such as found in an GLH intelligent home incorporates the best all worlds to deliver on both style and substance.

A Touch of Class

Luxury Redefined

Anyone with a bit of cash can buy luxury. However, scratching the veneer of stately opulence often reveals a mundane truth – a patchwork of legacy systems, improvised add-ons, and assorted afterthoughts.

Exquisite craftsmanship and stunning architecture are abundantly present and evident in each GLH intelligent home. Initial construction takes place in a controlled indoor environment which allows builders to work with the required precision. As an added benefit, the generation of onsite waste is also significantly reduced.

Class is the art of the understatement and luxury the absence of inconvenience. Homes designed and built by GLH represent a few levels up: They take care of their occupants and do so unobtrusively by finetuning and shaping a domestic environment to fit any lifestyle. The intelligent home sustains its residents and minds their health and that of the environment – with class and luxury.

The Air You Breathe


Indoor air quality seldom enters the domestic equation. Just open a window and all will be fine. While modern healthy living includes plenty of exercise, mindfulness, and carefully balanced diet, the air we breathe is mostly taken for granted. That should not change in a GLH intelligent home which monitors and optimizes air quality continuously.

Even in its most minute quantities, radon and traces of other toxic and noxious elements are instantly identified and removed. Moisture level are controlled at all times and a venting system quietly refreshes the air constantly. The intelligent home also includes a fully automated pest management system and can detect and correct the presence of air borne pollen.

The air quality in each part of the home is analyzed and managed individually. For people with asthma, the intelligent home offers a quantum improvement in the quality and enjoyment of life.

The GLH intelligent home also includes personalized lighting which closely tracks the circadian rhythm – essentially the natural sleep-wake cycle – by measuring and adjusting the quantity and quality of sunlight bathing the home. The rhythm is in tune with the body’s internal clock and regulates body temperature, hormone production, cell regeneration, and even brain wave activity. By carefully and precisely maintaining the ideal circadian rhythm, a natural comfort is created that almost imperceptibly ups energy levels and general well-being.

Spanning the Globe

The Company

Growth Luxury Homes is the flagship company of Growth Holdings, a diverse group headquartered in Las Vegas and comprised of mutually reinforcing businesses with a presence in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

US-Lebanese entrepreneur Philippe Ziade set up GLH to carve out a new niche in the high-end real estate sector by rethinking the legacy concepts of home automation and incorporating the principles of sustainability – both human and environmental – in his redesign.

A Vision to Succeed

The Man

After 22 years in the United States, Philippe Ziade still maintains the air of the wide-eyed student who arrived – nearly penniless – in 1998 to pursue a dual degree in civil and mechanical engineering at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He soon discovered – and deployed – his business acumen to sustain himself in the US and provide for his family in the old country.

With a knack for detecting opportunity, and a drive to seize them, Ziade made good on his American Dream. The taste of success led to a determination to share his personal experience and good fortune with those aspiring to improve the quality of their live but held back by circumstances beyond their control.