The GLH Experience

Growth Luxury Homes employs a holistic approach to home design and construction. It follows that the commissioning of a GLH home uses a similar approach that includes all aspects of the project from conception to delivery and aftersales services. The different phases of the building process are interlocked to form a single experience devoid of hiccups, bumps, or other surprises.

The Premise

GLH is dedicated to building next-generation custom homes that are energy neutral, environmentally sustainable, and enable healthy living. All GLH homes exceed the standards set by LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – the premier global entity for green building certification.

In order to gain access to the latest construction techniques and insights, GLH partnered with the US Department of Energy to produce a future-proof structural design concept that can easily accommodate customization without compromising the building’s much reduced environmental impact.

GLH is convinced that current homes will become hopelessly outdated ten years from now. The need to live sustainably coupled to the acceleration of technological progress will condemn a sizeable part of the current housing stock to obsolescence.

The Promise

A strong and cohesive team of seasoned engineers, designers, tech specialists, and creative professional stands ready to bring your dreams to life. The team listens and its members think in solutions and possibilities.

Everything they do is guided by your wishes and matched with energy efficient and environmentally sound solutions that add to your comfort.

The Statement

Tomorrow’s home built today. The GLH research and development team embodies a collective vision of the way we’ll live before long. Their challenge is not just to reduce the environmental footprint of living, but to increase human well-being, comfort, and health at the same time. It is a promised delivered in the first GLH intelligent homes built and sold in Nevada.

The key to understanding the GLH design concept is that no compromise solutions are accepted. Environmental care need not imply a return to the proverbial cave. Instead, sustainability principles can be made to work both ways: caring for nature as much as for humans.

Another guiding philosophy involves keeping it simple, but perhaps not to the point of stupid. Though the American Way of Life has never embraced the less-is-more principle, GLH customers may find supreme comfort in the understatement: all is there (and then some), it is just not in your face.

Homes built by GLH envelop their inhabitant with luxurious space: straight lines of site melt boundaries to create a sensation of warmth and freedom. Indoor and outdoor areas merge naturally and seamlessly to absorb and incorporate the natural surroundings into the home. Space and light conspire to shape a calm sea of tranquility that invites relaxation and exploration while providing warmth and comfort. GLH homes are built to celebrate and reaffirm the beauty of life.

The Building

GLH builds homes on spec, on budget, and on time. At the core of this guarantee sits Unibuilder – a proprietary cloud-based software platform developed inhouse to ensure smooth, unambiguous, and faultless communication between all parties driving your home building project.

Unibuilder is based on the experience and knowledge accumulated by master builder, visionary, and GLH founder Philippe Ziade who has dedicated his career to streamlining civil engineering processes. Mr. Ziade has managed to apply the full array of management techniques employed by highly complex multibillion-dollar construction projects to the residential market. This results in major cost savings and a drastic cut in guaranteed delivery times – unmatched by anyone in the business. Unibuilder also allows for the complexities inherent in a one-off building project tailored to suit the exact needs and wants of its owners.

The Deal

The GLH team adheres to a code of ethics that prioritizes transparency. With the Unibuilder platform as a fully informed project manager available 24/7, GLH customers can decide their own level of involvement: They can check progress, keep track of changes and expenses, dispel doubts, and measure all data against the pre-agreed timeline and budget. The result is a partnership without nasty or expensive surprises.